News | 04 November, 2021

Kiwis Returning Home

It’s often said, travel broadens the mind. For many Kiwis, the classic OE seems to be a rite of passage. Thousands of people leave New Zealand every year with hopes and aspirations to travel the abroad, breathing in fresh opportunities and experience everything the world has to offer. For professionals, working overseas can be an important step in developing their career and get an extra feather in the cap.

For those who have left New Zealand, love for their home country seldom diminishes. Memories of time spent with family enjoying the classic kiwi summer at the Bach are enough to lure most back home sooner or later.  However, in recent times, the desire to return home to the haven of New Zealand shores has become much stronger. The global pandemic of 2020 turned the world on its axis and created a significant shift in people’s priorities as they seek family, safety, and a new future. 

New Zealand has strengthened its global position throughout the pandemic and is perceived as a very desirable destination for career growth. A recent report from KEA New Zealand entitled ‘Unleashing the Potential of our Returning Kiwis’ confirmed an increased number of expats planning to return to New Zealand – and they’re wanting to make a difference with their newly acquired experience. This surge of returning kiwis who are at the height of their career bring with them skills and experience that New Zealand as a nation is in genuine need of.

The report further identified that while 32% of surveyed returnees intend to reside in Auckland, the remainder are looking to return to regional New Zealand, with 22% leaning towards a region they haven’t lived in before. With a newfound appreciation for unique locations and comfort in settling in new places these returning kiwis look set to grow and stabilise our rural communities while using their experience with a variety of patient needs and increasing their earning potential.  

In dentistry we’ve noticed these trends also - many experienced returnees are looking for senior positions, this is where Lumino sets itself apart.  With an extensive network of established practices and a solid patient base Lumino provides many clinicians opportunities for growth.  As an employer of choice Lumino can give you the financial stability you need to transition back to life in New Zealand.

If you have been looking to make the move back home but are hesitant due to the complicated process of closed borders, MIQ and choosing the right location for you and your family - we can help you remove these obstacles to get you back.  With so many around the world wanting to move to New Zealand but being unable, you have a golden ticket as a New Zealand citizen.

For more information on how Lumino can help get you or your loved ones home you can visit our page here.

Nau Mai, Haere Mai to our returning Kiwis.